15 Contoh Surat Pribadi Bahasa Inggris Terbaru - Contoh Surat Resmi
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    Contoh Surat

    15 Contoh Surat Pribadi Bahasa Inggris Terbaru

    Contoh Surat Pribadi Bahasa Inggris – Ada berbagai macam dan jenis surat yang mungkin sudah anda ketahui sebelumnya. Walaupun memang sudah semakin jarang digunakan untuk keperluan komunikasi pribadi, namun hal tersebut tidak serta merta membuat surat ditinggalkan.

    Tercatat beberapa perkumpulan atau kelompok seperti perusahaan, instansi pemerintahan, organisasi, lembaga masih menggunakan surat hingga saat ini. Surat yang mereka gunakan merupakan surat resmi dan memiliki tujuan yang resmi juga.

    Sedangkan surat yang sudah semakin jarang digunakan adalah surat pribadi, yakni surat yang digunakan untuk komunikasi pribadi ataupun perseorangan. Dikarenakan zaman yang semakin maju dan teknologi komunikasi yang semakin canggih, penggunaan surat pun semakin ditinggalkan, dan kebanyakan orang menggunakan teknologi komunikasi digital yang ada sekarang ini.

    Contoh Surat Pribadi Bahasa Inggris

    Walaupun demikian, namun anda tetap bisa menggunakan surat untuk komunikasi pribadi. Selain sekedar bernostalgia, anda juga bisa memberikan kejutan kepada orang lain dengan cara mengirimkannya sepucuk surat. Hal ini tentu terasa istimewa dimana zaman sudah semakin canggih dan kebanyakan orang sudah meninggalkan surat.

    Salah satu contoh dari surat pribadi adalah surat pribadi bahasa Inggris. Bukan hanya untuk orang lain yang berada di luar negeri, namun anda juga bisa menggunakan surat pribadi bahasa Inggris ini kepada orang di dekat anda. Berikut adalah beberapa contoh surat pribadi bahasa Inggris yang bisa anda jadikan referensi pembuatan surat pribadi bahasa Inggris.

    1. Contoh Surat Pribadi Bahasa Inggris Untuk Sahabat

    Sebagai sepasang sahabat, tentu anda akan sering – sering berkomunikasi dengan sahabat anda. Namun jika biasanya menggunakan teknologi telepon ataupun media sosial chatting, sekarang anda bisa mencoba menggunakan surat pribadi bahasa Inggris, sekedar untuk memberinya kejutan.

    Jakarta, April 5, 2018

    Jln. Melati, 20

    Hi my companion, how are you there? I trust you are great. I miss you on the grounds that we have not met in quite a while. Do you miss me as well? On the off chance that you are out of town, I trust you can visit Lampung. I’m certain you will love it in light of the fact that it is an excellent city. I will take you to numerous spots like Kiluan inlet and to the most delightful places in Indonesia. I realize that you cherish surfing and I have such a variety of mystery spots for you to surf, so I prescribe you to visit here a few weeks.

    Ideally we can meet soon, my closest companion.

    Your companion,


    Intan Permatasari

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    2. Contoh Surat Pribadi Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kota Baru

    Setiap orang tentu menginginkan untuk tetap dekat dengan sahabatnya. Namun seringkali ada banyak alasan yang membuat anda dan sahabat harus tinggal berjauhan. Nah, jika anda sudah sampai di kota baru tempat tinggal anda, maka anda bisa menceritakan banyak hal kepada sahabat anda, termasuk keadaan kota tempat tinggal anda dan tempat – tempat menarik disana.

    Jakarta, April 5, 2018

    Jl. Perjuangan No. 123

    Hi my companion, how are you there? I have a ton of stories in my new city. Clearly, this city is exceptionally wonderful and I think I would stay here in a drawn out stretch of time. A week ago, I visit to numerous extraordinary places, for example, shoreline, waterfall, and hot showering spot.

    My family and I went in the morning to visit the shoreline and we went for surfing. As I would like to think, that was the best surfing place ever. In the event that you are traveling to my city, you will locate the huge waves and you’ll adore it. At that point, I went to the waterfall. I felt how the waterfall falling into my body and it was extremely energizing. Shouldn’t something be said about the hot washing spot? I would prefer not to let you know now, on the grounds that I need you to visit here so we can appreciate those spots together. It is a decent city, particularly for the traveler destinations.

    Ideally we can meet soon, my closest companion.

    Best Regard,


    Intan Permatasari

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    3. Contoh Surat Pribadi Bahasa Inggris Untuk Ibu

    Sejauh apapun anda pergi meninggalkan rumah, baik itu untuk melanjutkan pendidikan maupun untuk bekerja, tentu akan rindu dengan sang Ibu. Nah, jika anda sedang rindu, maka anda bisa mengirimkannya sepucuk surat. Selain itu, anda juga bisa mengirimkan surat kepada Ibu untuk menanyakan kabar ataupun kesehatannya.

    Medan, April 5, 2018

    To Mom at home

    Hows you guys at home? do you guys all in good condition? I’m here are healthy and in good shape. I heard the news that mother is sick, and now mother is being treated at hospital, I’m so sorry to hear about the news of you at home, but I can’t go home in the near future, I’m something to be done outside of the city, maybe I’ll go home to see MOM in the next two days, until that day comes I hope mother is already recovered from illness.

    With Love,


    Intan Permatasari

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    4. Contoh Surat Pribadi Bahasa Inggris Untuk Sahabat di Luar Negeri

    Mungkin anda memiliki sahabat yang sudah pindah dan menetap di luar negeri. Namun walaupun terpisahkan oleh jarak yang sangat jauh, tentu saja anda tidak bisa melupakan sahabat. Ketika rindu datang, anda bisa mengirimkan chat ataupun bertatap muka dengan menggunakan video call. Namun jika ingin istimewa dan memberinya kejutan, anda bisa mengirimkannya sepucuk surat.

    Bandung, April 5, 2018

    To my beloved friend, Aurora.
    In Paris

    Hello Aurora, How are you today? Hopefully you are fine. It’s been a while since you left me here alone, huhuhu so sad. My family and I here are missing you a lot.

    How is Paris? I guess it’s very beautiful. Winter is coming soon right? Ah, I really want to know how the winter is. But, most Importantly, please wear warm outfits and don’t get sick.

    And how about your college life? Is it run smoothly as you expected. I guess you will be the best in the class because you are the smartest one haha. Oh, By the way I will be starting my study in January. I’m very excited about it, because it is the first college class. I take English Education as my majority.

    Okay, I think that’s all for now. I want to hear everything about your new life in Paris. Please don’t forget to reply my letter! See you and good luck.

    With Love,


    Intan Permatasari

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    5. Contoh Surat Pribadi Bahasa Inggris Balasan Surat

    Jika kebetulan salah satu sahabat anda mengirimakan sepucuk surat untuk anda, maka anda bisa segera membalasnya. Anda bisa menceritakan banyak hal mengenai diri anda dan juga kehidupan anda yang sekarang. Selain itu, tentu ada banyak pertanyaan dari sahabat, dan anda bisa menjawab pertanyaan tersebut satu persatu pada surat yang anda tulis.

    Jakarta, April 5, 2018

    Dear Dimas,

    Thank you very much for your last letter. It was great to hear from you after so many months. You seem to be having a nice time in Korea.

    Thanks also for the photographs. I absolutely loved that snap of yours standing in front of the Namsan Tower. Korea looks stunning. Someday, I would definitely like to go there.

    There’s not much happening here. I am busy with my part time job and college.

    By the way, are you coming home anytime soon? If you are, let me know the dates and we can arrange to meet up.

    Hope to see you soon,


    Anton Jaya

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    6. Contoh Surat Pribadi Bahasa Inggris Tentang Liburan

    Bukan sahabat namanya kalau anda dan sahabat tidak memiliki sesuatu hal yang ingin dibahas. Seperti kita ketahui, sepasang sahabat tentu akan menceritakan segalanya kepada sahabat, termasuk juga liburan yang anda jalani. Jika anda baru saja menghabiskan masa liburan, maka anda bisa menceritakan hal tersebut kepada sahabat anda.

    California, April 5, 2018

    Dear Ashley,

    Thank you for your letter. It’s always a pleasure to receive your letters.

    You asked me how I spent the summer. Well, it was not the best summer of my life. First, I caught a cold and was sick for two weeks. Because of this I could not go to a youth camp and I spent a month in a stuffy city.

    Then the weather turned bad and again I had to stay home. Only in August, I managed to go hiking with friends. We had a lot of fun and sang songs around the campfire.

    How is your new dog? Did it get used to you? What do you feed it?

    Well, I’ve got to finish. It is now 11:00 pm, it’s time to sleep.

    Take care of yourself,


    Intan Permatasari

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    7. Contoh Surat Pribadi Bahasa Inggris Mengenai Kegiatan

    Mungkin banyak hal yang bisa anda ceritakan atau ingin anda bagikan kepada sahabat anda. Salah satunya adalah kegiatan anda di masa waktu tertentu. Nah, jika anda ingin membagikannya kepada sahabat, maka anda bisa mengirimakanya sepucuk surat. Jangan lupa juga untuk menanyakan kabar dari sahabat anda.

    Bali, April 5, 2018

    Dear Amina,

    Thanks for you letter. Sorry for I haven’t written you for so long I was busy all this time. Well, I am very glad that you have passed all the exams! Congratulations! My holiday is over. I spent my holidays very well. I went out with my friends, read a lot of interesting books, watched tv, played computer games.

    I spent few weeks in a summer cottage with my grandparents. I helped my granny with the garden, watered plants, and gathered fruit and vegetables. Also I was fishing with my grandfather. I enjoyed floating by boat, swiming in the river and helping my grandparents.

    During my summer holidays I made many new friends, read a lot of useful things. Now I feel ready to get back to school. I am happy to meet my friends and teachers. What about you? How did you spend your holidays? Did you like it? Sorry, I have to go. I must help my mum. Don’t forget to reply my letter!

    Best wishes,


    Intan Permatasari

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    8. Contoh Surat Pribadi Bahasa Inggris Mengenai Aktivitas

    Ketika anda menerima surat dari sahabat, mungkin saja anda akan terlambat untuk membalasnya. Untuk itu, anda bisa mengirimkannya surat balasan ketika anda memiliki waktu. Anda bisa meminta maaf karena telat membalas suratnya dan menceritakan kegiatan anda sehari – hari yang sangat menyita waktu anda.

    Makassar, April 5, 2018

    Dear Jane,

    It’s a great pleasure to receive a letter from you. I’m sorry I haven’t written for a long time, I was busy with preparation for exams.

    You know, I can’t say that I have some definite duties but I try to help my parents as much as possible. As for me, I hate doing the dishes but unfortunately do it from time to time. However, I like to do my room, it makes me feel cheerful. I’m sure that we should help parents. They support us whatever we start doing and helping is the least we can do for them.

    What a great news! I adore kittens they’re so cute. What is the name of your, have you already desided it? Is it a girl or a boy? Who presented you with such a wonderful gift?

    Now I should go. Look forward to your answer.



    Intan Permatasari

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    9. Contoh Surat Pribadi Bahasa Inggris Mengenai Keluarga Kecil

    Yang namanya sahabat mungkin saja tidak bertemu dalam jangka waktu yang sangat lama. Namun sebagai sahabat tentu saja akan selalu bercerita dan berkomunikasi. Saking lamanya anda tidak bertemu sahabat, mungkin saja anda sudah menikah dan memiliki anak, yang dulunya belum menikah saat terakhir bertemu sahabat. Nah, anda juga bisa menceritakan hal tersebut kepada sahabat anda.

    Bandung, April 5, 2018

    Anita Mui
    Manggo Street 12th Yogyakarta

    Dear Anita,

    It’s been a while since we last spoke or saw one another, with all the time that has passed, I think it has been around 3 years now if my memory serves me correctly?

    I was going through some old things I had in storage and came across our old school yearbook . I was flipping through the pages when I came across your photo and a photo of us together.

    My little trip down memory lane made me wonder what you have been up to all these years, where are you living now and what has life brought to you after all this time? Are you married? Any children?

    I am now living in Bandung with my husband Paijo and we have been married for 2 years now. Things went from there and now we are happy, enjoying life and all its wonderful new beginnings together.

    On the work front, I am working as a nurse now. What about you? Tell me a little about what you are doing!

    I have enclosed some current photos of me and my husband, if you have any recent photos I would love to see them!

    I hope to hear back from you, really looking forward to learning all about what you have been up to and where you have been all this time!

    All the best,


    Intan Permatasari

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    10. Contoh Surat Pribadi Bahasa Inggris Meminta Maaf Kepada Sahabat

    Sahabat tidak bisa dijadikan jaminan tidak akan ada permasalahan. Mungkin saja anda dan sahabat anda memiliki masalah dan saling mendiamkan. Namun jika anda memang benar – benar sahabat sejati dan ingin persahabatan yang langgeng, maka anda bisa meminta maaf terlebih dahulu kepadanya dan memperbaiki hubungan persahabatan kembali.

    Yogyakarta, April 5, 2018

    Monica Suharja
    Dure Street 14th

    Dear Monica,

    I would like to apologise for my behaviour last time. After some reflection it is obvious that it was not your false that I broke up with my boyfriend and maybe it was the best for us. Sorry that I was angry to you and blame you. I think I was just sad. I hope that this will not damage our friendship and that we can move past this moment; I understand how you must feel.

    With Warm Regards,


    Intan Permatasari

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    11. Contoh Surat Pribadi Bahasa Inggris Mengungkapkan Cinta

    Sekarang ini bukanlah hal yang susah untuk mengungkapkan cinta kepada lawan jenis. Anda tinggal meminta nomornya dan menelponnya untuk menyatakan cinta. Namun jika anda ingin cara yang berbeda dan istimewa, maka anda bisa menggunakan surat cinta dalam bahasa Inggris.

    Banten, April 5, 2018

    Intan Permatasari
    Duren Street 14th

    Dear Intan Permatasari

    I am writing this letter because I have finally mustered the courage to confess that I love you.

    We have been best friends for 3 years; shared our secrets and helped each other during trying times. I realize that lately, I feel not just concern and care for you but something more.

    Seeing your smile all these years make me have strong feeling for you. Can we become lovers and take our friendship forward?

    I am sure we will make a great couple just like we make the best of friends. Please accept my love .

    I will not feel hurt if you refuse, but please do not end our friendship of these years even if the answer is a no.

    Eagerly waiting for your response,

    Your best-friend,


    Anton Jaya

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    12. Contoh Surat Pribadi Bahasa Inggris Untuk Teman

    Memiliki banyak teman tentu merupakan hal yang menyenangkan bagi semua orang. Terlebih jika teman anda tersebut bisa dijadikan tempat berbagi suka dan duka. Anda bisa mengirimkannya sepucuk surat dan mengungkapkan kalau anda memang  benar – benar bersyukur memiliki teman sebaik dia. Hal ini tentu berguna untuk mempererat hubungan pertemanan yang kalian bina.

    Surabaya, April 5, 2018

    Jl. Perjuangan No. 123

    Dear Dina

    I am thankful to god for providing me such a wonderful friend in my life with whom I can share all my thoughts and share the good and bad things of life. You are the one with whom, I can open my heart out and talk. I have always felt that you are more than my own sister with whom I can share every aspect of my life. You have been there with me in my happiness and sorrows and ups and downs of life,. I hope our friendship grows even stronger with each passing day.

    I always feel that you are the only one who accepts the way I am and can be true to you, you don’t expect me to change unlike others. You are so understanding and patient that even when I am wrong you never get angry with me rather you help me understand the situation and handle the situation. You have been always there to support me. Its very difficult to get a friend like you and I hope you feel the same about me also. We both are so different but we understand each other so well. Hope our friendship remains this way lifelong.

    Warm regards,


    Intan Permatasari

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    13. Contoh Surat Pribadi Bahasa Inggris Untuk Kakek

    Mungkin anda dan orang tua sudah pindah ke kota besar dan meninggalkan kampung halaman. Sementara keluarga yang lain, terutama kakek masih tinggal di kampung halaman. Jika rindu, maka anda sekeluarga bisa pulang kampung dan bertemu sanak saudara. Namun jika tidak memiliki waktu untuk pulang, maka anda bisa mengirimakan sepucuk surat untuk kakek anda.

    Jakarta, April 5, 2018

    Dear Grandpa,

    How are you grandpa? I was really happy to see you and Grandma at my graduation ceremony, and I hope you’re recovering from your high blood pressure soon.

    Do you mind if I visit you on Saturday? I’d really like to show you my new cat. I think you’ll adore her. Her name is Susan, and I got her last week. For your information, she’s your favorite breed: an angora cat, just like Soho!

    I’m excited to come and to see you soon. Let me know if Saturday will be ok for my coming.



    Intan Permatasari

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    14. Contoh Surat Pribadi Bahasa Inggris Untuk Guru

    Guru merupakan pahlawan tanpa tanda jasa yang sudah banyak berkorban untuk mengajari dan mendidik kita. Maka sudah sepantasnya jika kita senantiasa menghormati guru dan menerima semua nasehat – nasehat yang diberikannya. Untuk menjalin komunikasi yang baik dengan guru, anda bisa sesekali mengirimkan sepucuk surat kepada guru anda. Terlebih jika anda memiliki kesalahan, namun tidak berani untuk meminta maaf secara langsung, anda bisa meminta maaf melalui surat yang anda kirimkan.

    Jakarta, April 5, 2018

    Dear Ms. Rita Suherman S.Pd,

    I know that I had a lot of mistake to you. I often made you upset or angry because I was hard to be controlled. But, deep down in my heart I am really happy to have a very good teacher like you. You are so patient when dealing with all of your students. Although your students are sometimes naughty, but you still trying to understand us.

    Ms. Rita, thank you for anything you have done. Thank you for teaching me a lot of valuable knowledge. I would never forget anything you have taught me. Thank you for being such a great teacher. I hope you will always healthy and happy.

    Your student,


    Anton Jaya

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    15. Contoh Surat Pribadi Bahasa Inggris Mengenai Perayaan Ulang Tahun

    Momen ulang tahun merupakan momen yang sangat berharga buat setiap orang. Maka tidak heran jika banyak orang yang merayakan hari ulang tahunnya dengan menyelenggarakan pesta. Tentu saja anda menginginkan agar semua sahabat anda menghadiri pesta tersebut. Namun jika ada sahabat yang berada jauh di luar kota, maka anda bisa mengirimakannya sepucuk surat dan menceritakan sedikit hal mengenai perayaan ulang tahun anda.

    Jakarta, April 5, 2018

    Dear Godam

    I received your letter explaining your inability to come here yesterday. As you know, I celebrated my birthday on April 3th without you. It was truly a great moment for me. The birthday party was arranged at our residence at 7pm.

    My home was beautifully decorated by our friends. New curtains, flower-pots, some paintings, and posters looked so cool. I bought all I need for the party from the market. I invited all our close friends and relatives.

    I cut the cake after blowing the candles and wishing. Everyone sang the birthday song happily. Tasty dishes, including hot coffee and tea were served. The guests presented me many wonderful gifts. I enjoyed the party a lot.

    Oh! Do you know how I missed you on that day? But you had to be busy with your compulsions. Anyway, please convey my regards to your parents and thanks for your birthday cards and gift you have sent for me.

    Yours sincerely,


    Anton Jaya

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    Kesimpulan Dan Pentingnya Surat Pribadi Bahasa Inggris

    Mengikuti perkembangan zaman, bukan berarti kita harus meninggalkan dan melupakan semua cara – cara lama, seperti halnya dalam berkomunikasi. Memang harus diakui dan patut untuk dimaklumi, penggunaan surat yang semakin menipis sekarang ini.

    Teknologi komunikasi yang semakin canggih, mudah dioperasikan, hemat biaya, serta lebih cepat mungkin beberapa alasan untuk meninggalkan surat. Jadi sudah merupakan hal yang wajar jika anda juga semakin jarang menggunakan surat. Namun tetap saja anda bisa menggunakan surat untuk keperluan komunikasi pribadi, karena memiliki beberapa manfaat.

    Dengan menggunakan surat pribadi, tentu orang yang anda kirimi surat juga akan sangat senang dan gembira. Dia bisa menyimpan surat dari anda sebagai kenang – kenangan nantinya. Berbeda dengan komunikasi telepon atau chatting yang tidak bisa disimpan dan dijadikan kenang – kenangan.

    Selain itu, penggunaan surat pribadi bahasa Inggris juga tentu akan berpotensi mengasah kemampuan bahasa Inggris anda. Bahasa Inggris sebagai bahasa Internasional memang sangat dibutuhkan saat ini. Jadi, tidak ada salahnya jika anda belajar bahas Inggris dengan cara sederhana seperti ini, yakni dengan cara menggunakan berbagai contoh surat pribadi bahasa Inggris.

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